Paramount Academy

K - 8 Public Charter School

COVID-19 Schoolwide Updates

Prior Notices

03.20.2020 9:10PM

Dear Paramount Academy Families,

Thank you again for your continued support and understanding during this time. As of Friday, March 20th, the Governor has extended all school closures until at least Friday, April 10, 2020. I am writing today to outline Paramount Academy’s plan of action during our state-mandated school closure. Our teachers and support staff will be returning to Paramount Academy on Monday, March 23rd, to begin working on continued education resources for our students as well as ensuring the entirety of the campus is disinfected and sanitized in preparation for the eventual return of our amazing students. Until that day comes, we have updated our Triangle of Responsibility to reflect a distance learning model. Please read below:

I. Paramount Academy

  • a. Paramount Academy, through its instructors, support staff, and administration, will develop supplemental learning packets to be delivered via email or in-person (Paramount Academy parking lot) on a regular basis to ensure continued student learning

  • b. Paramount Academy will communicate, on a regular basis, any updates regarding the COVID-19 virus via the “COVID-19 Updates” tab at the top of our website:

  • c. Paramount Academy will provide at-home learning resources via a document currently located via the “Resources” tab at the top of our website:

  • d. Paramount Academy will continue to track attendance to ensure each student is meeting the minimal instructional minutes as required by State law.

  • e. Paramount Academy instructors will communicate with parents and students on a regular basis via a number of approved applications

II. Parents

  • a. Parents pledge to communicate student attendance with Paramount Academy on a daily basis. Please make sure that your most up-to-date email address has been provided to Paramount Academy to ensure consistent communication regarding your child’s continued education.

  • b. Parents pledge to work with their student using the document on the “Resources” tab at the top of while teachers are creating more specific supplemental classwork

  • c. Parents pledge to check the “COVID-19” tab at the top of to stay up-to-date on any school news related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • d. Parents pledge to communicate any questions to their student’s teacher via approved applications and to allow up to 24 hours for a response during this time.

III. Students

  • a. Students pledge to use the document under the “Resources” tab at the top of to continue learning while teachers construct more specific classwork to be delivered at a later date

  • b. Students pledge to follow the Paramount Academy standards of behavioral expectations with anyone supervising them at this time. Practice T.I.G.E.R. P.R.I.D.E each and every day!

  • c. Students pledge to communicate their questions to their teachers and to give up to 24 hours for those questions to be answered.

Our office hours will be 9am – 1pm Monday through Friday unless otherwise communicated. Our campus will be closed to anyone outside of Paramount Academy employees and other approved personnel. This is to minimize the spread of anything that may further delay the reopening of the school. Any questions will need to be addressed via email or phone. The school’s phone number is 623-977-0614.

Besides teacher’s email addresses, questions can be submitted to or An online portal regarding attendance will be created next week. For right now, you may also use or call the Attendance line at 623-977-0614 x102 if you have any questions. For those without portal access, the packets provided by teachers will contain documentation for attendance.

Lastly, we all understand that this situation is completely new to each of us. If we can all pledge to increase our flexibility and understanding through this very fluid time, I firmly believe we will emerge a stronger community when that day of reunion finally arrives.


Paramount Academy Administration and Board of Directors